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For All Plant Lovers…

The perfect solution for small space gardening… The Plant Tree product line.  The complete care system! Free Standing… against a wall… in a corner… in the ground… or brackets for walls, posts or railings.  The perfect gift for plant lovers. 

3-Plant Bracket Potted Kit

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The Plant Tree's 3-Plant Bracket Potted Kit is the perfect way to display your plants in small spaces like condos or on fence railing. It is made from strong, rust-free aluminum and setup is simple.

The 3-Plant Railing and Wall Bracket can be set up in a variety of configurations. The kit includes three potted plant holders. Hardware is included for mounting onto any surface including wood or masonry.


  • (3) Expandable (6″-9″) Potted Limb
  • (1) 3-Plant Bracket
  • (1) Back Plate
  • (1) Hardware Package
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What is the Plant Tree?

The Plant Tree is a revolutionary plant care and display system, created for plant lovers by plant lovers. Our goal is to allow anyone to grow a beautiful garden, without being restricted by where or how. The Plant Tree product line has something for every situation, so you can grow the garden you always dreamed of. This is why we say the Plant Tree is the world’s most versatile plant care and display system.

Small Space Gardening

Our patented system allows you to grow your garden vertically in small spaces, against a wall or in the corner.

High Quality

All of our products are made of strong rust-free aluminum. This allows each product to be lightweight and durable.

American Made

We are proud to fabricate, produce and manufacture all our products in the U.S.A.

“I though I was going to have to give up my flower garden when I moved into my condo. But I got the plant tree so I can still grow things.”

“We like to travel but we also like to garden. The Plant Tree watering system lets us do both. ”

“I like growing my own flowers and vegetables. I have small lawn so the plant tree is perfect.”